A new AI for multichannel advertising

Hyper is a buy-side ad platform that provides planning, trafficking, and optimization assistance to ad managers. It turns a simple campaign spec into a comprehensive multichannel media plan with hundreds of carefully chosen experiments across creative, audience segment, and channel. When a campaign is live, Hyper wakes up every day and replans; stopping low-performing line items, investing in high-performing ones, and adding ever more experiments.

Hyper is autocomplete for media plans. It increases the number of campaigns managed per person and the number and quality of experiments performed within each campaign.

Line Item 1
country: USA, gender: Female
$450/ day
Line Item 2
country: USA, gender: Male
$1,200/ day
+ interests: Basketball
$10/ day
+ interests: Football, state: CA
$10/ day
+ age: 18—24
$10/ day
+ age: 25–44
$260/ day
+ age: 44+
$18/ day
+ state: CA, keyword: Cooking
$315/ day
+ state: CA, keyword: Gardening
$18/ day

Powered by reinforcement learning

Hyper is built to operate on top of any buying system with an API, including "walled gardens", such as Facebook and Twitter, and traditional DSPs. The core platform is format agnostic and will make use of any native optimization capabilities.

It is based around two core technologies:

  • Hyper Ad Graph — a graph-based persistence layer; and
  • Hyper Learning Engine — a reinforcement learning engine.

Whereas most of the current generation of buy-side ad tech is focused on generating new audience targets, Hyper is focused on finding the most productive set of existing targets as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do so, it uses reinforcement learning to emulate the strategies and tactics of the best human ad managers, but to do so with superhuman speed, memory, and foresight.

All of this is made available via a lightweight web-based campaign management UI that includes interactive campaign planning, a newsfeed-based notification system, and cross-channel reporting.

Built by ad tech veterans

Hyper is the product of a small group of ad tech entrepreneurs and engineeers based in Silicon Valley, USA and Chennai, India whose minds are just sufficiently addled from their time manifesting three-letter acronyms to come up with something like this.

We believe that that there is a need for a more generalized approach to buy-side ad tech. The vast majority of the tools and techniques that were built and applied over the past decade were predicated on cookies and RTB and impression-level data. Unfortunately, much of the best inventory now exists behind APIs that don't support such things. The next generation of buy-side ad tech must figure out a way to optimize via the levers and opaque performance data provided by APIs.

Hyper is our attempt to do just that.

Reach out to us to find out how we can work together.

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